Here are some of the best case studies of Instagram Marketing performed well. By following Marketing managers decisions these examples show you how to leverage the Instagram app into generating an audience to your business. Sometimes it's not a question of spending high amounts of money, but how can you attract engagement from the right audience at a reduced price.

Bloom & Wild

The flower delivery service wanted to reach a wider audience to their business. With a tight budget and with the help from experts, this startup was able to use their existing email list to target a lookalike audience on Instagram via Facebook’s Power Editor. After a little testing, it was found that video ads had the best conversion rates, so it was time to produce more video content.

This startup was able to increase their bouquet orders by 62% and got a huge wave of new customers engaging on their Instagram page. It’s definetly a great example of how you can grow your business through Instagram ads without having a big budget.

Sunny Co Clothing

Sunny Co Clothing is an online clothing company started just a few years months ago by a group of students from the University of Arizona. One day, at a usual meeting, it was suggested by one of the team members to run a contest on Instagram. 
The idea was to “give away” free swimsuits to every user that was willing to share the brands' post and tag their account sunnycoclothing.
This giveaway was a massive success, it blew up, getting millions of impressions, more than 300,000 likes and skyrocketing their Instagram account to over 750,000 followers – from the mere 6,000 they had the previous day. 

Hartley’s 10 Cal Jelly

Hartley’s were dedicated to increase the awareness of their low calorie 10 Cal jelly among females between the ages of 25-34 from the UK. 
The social media campaign was spreading the line “Are you a #10CalAngel or a #DietDevil?”. By sending free packs of 10 Cal jelly to middle tier's diet influencers, Hartley’s got some amazing results.

Over 100 influencers engaged with the campaign, posting the tagline to their followers close to 300 times. That gave the brand a 146% engagement rate and doubled the brand’s follower count. Along with these numbers, sales improved a lot well. 

This strategy was done in January, what could be a better timing than those health and fitness resolutions fresh in the mind?  This shows the power of a clever influencer strategy when is coupled with a good timing.


Another influencer strategy was done with mobile gaming app Bejeweled. The team decided to partner with Instagram’s top influencers to inspire millions into purchasing the app.

The campaign was designed with two YouTube shorts featuring people and a canine influencer JiffPom, using this mobile game as the liberator from the shackles of boredom.
The campaign also included top Instagram influencers (including David Lopez and Koya Webb), who shared photos of themselves playing the game with the hashtag #shinyplace. This group of influencers encouraged their followers to do the same and the results were dazzling.

1 month after the campaign was launched, Bejeweled jumped from 702 to 182 in Apple’s top-grossing US App Store apps. This
proves - once again - the power of social media influencers.