Think your business doesn’t need Instagram? Think again… As one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, Instagram is becoming a necessity for all types of businesses.

At Fuelgram, we think Instagram is the absolute best social media platform for brands, businesses, and social media marketers. But don’t take our word for it, check the following numbers:

Instagram User Numbers and Statistics

1. There Are 1 Billion Accounts Active Every Month

2. There Are 500 Million+ Insta Accounts Active Every Day

3. 64% of Users Are Between 18 and 34

4. Brand Follower Growth Increases from 6% to 8% Month-Over-Month

5. Users Under 25 Spend Over Half an Hour on Insta Each Day

6. 80% of Instagram Users Live Outside the US

Instagram Hashtag Statistics

7. 7 out of 10 Instagram Hashtags are Branded

8. Having at Least 1 Hashtag Will Get You 12.6% More Engagement

9. The Optimum Number of Hashtags is 11

Instagram for Business Stats

10. There Are More Than 8 Million Business Accounts

11. 80% of Insta Users Follow a Business Account

12. 60% of Users First Heard About a Product On Instagram

13. 30% of Users Bought Something They Discovered on Instagram

14. 66% of Visits to Instagram Business Profiles Are From Users That Don’t Follow Them

15. 78% of Big Retail Brands Have Shoppable Instagram Accounts

16. 82% of Fashion Brands Use Call-to-Actions

Instagram Advertising Stats

17. Instagram Ad Revenue is at $7 Billion

18. 25% of Instagram Ads are Videos

19. Ad Recall is 2.8x Higher on Instagram

Instagram Engagement Stats

20. Instagram Has the Highest Engagement Rates Across All Social Media

21. Users Don’t See 70% of What’s on Their Feed

22. Instagram Users Engage More on Weekdays

23. Instagram Posts With a Face Get 38% More Likes

24. Japanese Users Make Up 27% of All Engagement on Instagram

25. Kylie Jenner and Beyonce Get All the Action

Statistics About Instagram Influencers

26. 80% Of Influencers Prefer Instagram for Brand Collaborations

27. 60% of Gen Z Would Rather See An Influencer in An Ad

28. There Are Set to Be 32.3 Million Sponsored Influencer Posts in 2019

Stats About the Aesthetics of Insta Posts

29. Clarendon is the Most Popular Filter

30. 60% of the Top Brands On Insta Use the Same Filter Across All Images

Statistics About Instagram Stories

31. 400 Million+ Accounts Use Instagram Stories Every Day

32. 58% of Brands Have Created an Instagram Story

33. Brands Are Posting Almost As Many Stories As They Are Normal Posts


There you go! Hope your mind was changed about Instagram power to bring not only revenue but to create an audience!