The following paragraphs were sent to our email by one of our clients that joined our private group’s network earlier this year.

“First of all, I want to thank you for such an amazing support and help you’ve given me, you changed my life! Here’s a little testimonial you can use on your website:

For the past 2 years, I’ve been focused on my Instagram to grow my business. I’m a fitness blogger who’s trying to grow my personal brand on Instagram. I managed to get around 5000 followers in the first year after reading over 10 ebooks, enrolled in some Instagram courses and even wasted a few hundred bucks on advertising. Nothing seemed to work…

A few months ago I heard about Instagram private groups via Andrew, a friend who ultimately became my business partner. He has a fitness channel on Youtube which he leveraged into building a 50,000 followers audience on Instagram.
He shared some secrets on how he grew his channel faster than me and I was fascinated by the strategies he was using. That’s when I was introduced to this service called Fuelgram. They basically created these private groups where powerful accounts share secrets and help each other to grow on Instagram.

I entered their blogger’s group and I was instantly hooked. So many things I was doing wrong that I didn’t know about. I stopped following all the strategies I’ve been reading and started following their advice instead. It was crazy, one month doing their methods to drive attention and I was already hitting 1 million impressions without any investment what so ever. I called back Andrew and told him my results on this service, I was super excited and he told me that it has happened to him as well in some posts.

I started to post 2 times daily and sourcing only the best possible content according to my group feedback. Each post I made was going at least a little viral and I was getting me almost 2-5 new brands reaching out to me.

Once I reached the 20,000 followers mark I joined their 20,000–50,000 followers private group. That was even a bigger success. I was shocked by the number of powerful accounts they had under their Instagram network.

I started to grow over 1000 followers daily. It has been 3 months since I found Fuelgram and I can tell you that my 5000 followers account is now on 120,000 followers getting multiple brand requests to sponsor their products on a daily basis!

Thank you once more for the amazing environment you guys created around this social network and for your amazing tips and tricks shared in our private sessions.

Keep up the good work guys!
PS: Please share this story with your potential customers!!”

Multiple customers have thanked us in incredible ways, by sending us gifts to our office or inviting us to their countries to have dinner at their places but never with such we have gotten such a description and thank note like this testimonial!