Want to find out who has blocked you on Instagram?

We’ve put together this tutorial so you can find that out without any trouble.

People block each other on Instagram for all kinds of motives. Maybe an ex-girlfriend or maybe your former boss didn’t want you sniffing around. Or maybe they just deactivated (deleted) their account… No matter the reason, you should know!

Follow the following steps to find out:

1 – Open Instagram and click the Search Button

2 – Search for the username. If it shows up, you’re not blocked. If it doesn’t, continue with Step 3.

3 – Go to a mutual friend’s Instagram.

4 – Go through their content, posts, likes, comments, and followers to see if the suspect’s username appears.

5 – If the user’s name appears, click on it.

6 – If you click on the user’s profile and are unable to see their content, even though at the top of their profile it says they have a number of posts, then they have blocked you.

7 – If the user’s Instagram profile is set to Private, then their name will not appear on the search list; they have either blocked you or deactivated their Instagram account.

That’s how you find if someone blocked you on Instagram! Glad we could help you solve your mistery!